Hub Operations: Subscribers

View subscribers and their chosen subscription methods. You can manually add new subscribers and edit existing ones. End users can subscribe to notifications from the status page. They can choose how to receive automated notifications: via email, SMS, Slack, Teams or WebHook.

Add subscribers: Click the button to open the Add subscribers form.


Each subscriber is identified by their email address in the gray row (unless the subscriber doesn’t use email as a subscription method). Subsequent white rows indicate individual subscription methods that you can edit.

⋮ Click the vertical ellipsis icon and choose an option: 

  • Edit: Select to open the Edit subscriber form.
  • Delete: Select to remove the subscriber’s record and its related subscription methods.
  • Share link: This a link you can share with end users that have lost or deleted their confirmation message.


There is now a link retrieval option on the status page subscriber form.

Export subscribers (All/Filtered/Current page): Click the button to generate a .CSV file. You can limit the exported data to Filtered records or to those that are displayed on the Current page only. For this, click the chevron icon and select an option. The button label dynamically changes based on your selection. 

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