Add subscribers

This form is opened by clicking the Add subscribers button on the Hub Operations: Subscribers form.

Subscription methods: The following are available: 

  • Email
  • SMS: Enter a phone number preceded by its country code. For example, +19843339999.
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack: You can turn on the Compact messages toggle for a simple notification style. See the difference between the two:

  • Webhook: Select a Content type.

Services: Defaults to All but you can click “Change” to choose individual services.

Label: Enter an identifier for the subscriber. This is particularly useful for associating phone numbers with a name or employee ID.

Less verbose: Limit update notifications to the first and last incident update. Team members can edit this setting as needed. For example, a subscriber may ask for help if he feels he gets too many notifications. This checkbox appears as selected when a subscriber has initially chosen the following on the status page: 
Protected: Protected mode is intended to use with DL or group lists. For more information, see: Set up a DL as a protected subscriber.
*** Please note
When a hub is SAML protected, the SAML NameID will be visible on top of the email input. 
SAML NameID is used for SAML-protected Hubs, so visitors authenticated with SAML are correctly recognized. If SAML is not being nor planned to be used, this field can be ignored.

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