Hub Operations: Overview

View Status Page : Click the link to open the status page that your end users see. To the left of the link, note the label that indicates whether it is a primary or connected hub.

Add incident; Add maintenance: Click the button to open the Create incident form or the Create maintenance form.

Current events; Upcoming maintenance: List of maintenance events that are currently in progress or scheduled. The number indicator by each type tells you the total number of events.

The traffic light system indicates the current service performance of the status page:  

Click the vertical ellipsis icon and choose an option to view or edit the incident or maintenance event.


All Quota: Total amount of subscribers included in the status hub.
Used: Number of subscribers. 
Available: Number of subscribers that can still be added to the account.
Last 30 days: Number of new subscribers that were added in the last 30 days.

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