Integrate using Generic WebHooks

Previously, some customers had requested support in triggering incidents in StatusHub from an external service that we did not directly support e.g. Pingdom, PagerDuty, New Relic, VictorOps, etc. 

With this new option, any product/service that supports sending POST requests with a JSON payload can be integrated with Statushub. Such as products like Nagios and services like SolarWinds.

How to enable Generic Hook for a service:

Click on 'Services and Integrations' in the Hub Config section. 

Once here, you will need to select the "Services & Integrations" option on the side menu.

Click the arrow on the right.

You will then see these options appear. Click on the 3 dots to the right to reveal the drop-down menu and choose the Edit option.

Under Edit services, select Integrations and choose Generic Hook, then save.

After saving changes, the link will be visible below the name of the service in "Services & Integrations" screen:

Please note that your link may be slightly different and you should always refer to "Services & Integrations" section when adding new integration in one of supported 3'rd party services

With this new hook StatusHub will expect the following request:

Method: POST
URL 1:
URL 2:
POST data example:

payload={   "title": "Our service is currently experiencing problems",   "message": "We are sorry!",   "type": "monitoring",   "status": "degraded-performance",   "service_token": "some-service-token" }

Please note that there are two URL's and there is "service_token" parameter. This gives the flexibility of specifying StatusHub service either by URL or by JSON payload depending on what suits the situation. If both will be provided, token used in URL will have priority over token specified in payload.

Note: The title is free form text. TYPE and STATUS need to be chosen from the lists shown below. 

Type can be one of:
- investigating
- identified
- monitoring
- resolved
Status can be one of:
- up
- degraded-performance
- down

Here is a screenshot from SolarWinds showing example config:

Please feel free to contact support with any questions.

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