Integrate StatusGator with StatusHub

This article takes you through the steps to integrate your StatusGator account with StatusHub.

In StatusHub:

To connect StatusGator to your StatusHub page, click on 'Services and Integrations' in the Hub Config section. 

Once here, you will need to select the "Services & Integrations" option on the side menu.

Click the arrow on the right.

You will then see these options appear. Click on the 3 dots to the right to reveal the drop-down menu and choose the Edit option.

Under Edit services, select Integrations and choose StatusGator, then save.

After you select the StatusGator option, we will generate a webhook for you to use at StatusGator.

Please note: that your link may be slightly different, and you should always refer to the "Services & Integrations" section when adding new integration in one of the supported 3'rd party services.

Please note: 

Automatically generated incidents from every StatusGator Web-hook would create noise. To avoid this, by default, StatusGator web-hook creates an Incident Draft instead of directly creating an incident. StatusHub users then can review and decide if the problem reported by StatusGator indeed affects StatusHub customers and should be published. 

In the below picture, the StatusGator integration has an options tab similar to NewRelic & Pingdom. In this tab, the user will be able to choose if StatusGator events should create Incidents or Incident drafts. The default value will be checked on for 'Create events as drafts.' Please click on the Gear icon and deselect the value if you want to change it. 

Now switch to your StatusGator account.

In StatusGator Dashboard, find the desired service. 6.png


In the 'Notifications' find the WebHook URL section and paste the whole URL, including token from StatusHub then click SAVE. 



Other important notes:

  • The current draft set-up blocks the possibility of creating and closing the incident while being in the draft the whole time. Because of that, when StatusGator will send 'up,' StatusHub will use 'monitoring' instead of 'resolved' when a draft mode is used.
  • For now, StatusHub creates maintenance events from Statusgator as Incidents due to technical limitations of this integration.
  • Using "Test" in StatusGator webhook may not result in any action in StatusHub as StatusGator sends the current status of one of subscribed StatusGator Services. If the status is currently "UP," StatusHub will ignore this even if there are no currently opened incidents from StatusGator for that Service.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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