Integrate PagerDuty with StatusHub

PagerDuty and StatusHub work beautifully together, and connecting them is just as easy as making yourself a cup of coffee.

In StatusHub:

To connect PagerDuty to your StatusHub page, click on 'Services and Integrations' in the Hub Config section. 

This will bring you to the edit status site page. Once here, you will need to select the "Services & Integrations" option on the side menu.

Click the arrow on the right.

You will then see these options appear. Click on the 3 dots to the right to reveal the drop-down menu and choose the Edit option.

Under Edit services, select Integrations and choose PagerDuty, then save.

After you select the PagerDuty option, we will generate a webhook for you to use at PagerDuty.

Please note that your link may be slightly different than the one in the image above, and you should always refer to "Services & Integrations" section when adding new integration in one of supported 3'rd party services

Once you have done this your "new service" i.e., PagerDuty will appear under the group you previously selected. With the webhook URL, we will need later underneath.

Look at that we are halfway there. Next, you are going to pop over to PagerDuty and complete the connection

In PagerDuty

  1. Go to the Configuration tab, click on Services and then click on a service that you’d like to connect with StatusHub.
  2. In the Service’s Integrations tab, click Add an extension, for the Extension Type select Generic Webhook, enter in a name for your extension, paste in the webhook URL that you copied from StatusHub earlier , and click Save.
  3. Please note that Pager Duty will show two options. Please use "Generic V1 Webhook" instead of "Generic V2 Webhook" as only V1 is supported by StatusHub.
  4. That’s it!  Now when a new incident is triggered within PagerDuty, your StatusHub will get updated.

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