SAML for the control panel (General Settings)

The General Settings page currently just includes the config form for setting up and managing SAML for your control panel.

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard that enables IdPs (identity provider) to exchange authentication and authorization data of users that attempt to access secure content.

This guide outlines the details for setting up SAML for your StatusHub control panel. SAML is also the most common method to make hubs private.


This help page doesn’t include advanced details about how to set up SAML. Your IT administrator or team should/will likely be familiar with the configuration process and the data required by the system.

To use SAML for access to the StatusHub control panel follow these steps:
  1. Click the gear icon and select the “General Settings” option to open the Account settings form.

  1. Turn on the Enabled toggle and copy the SSO URL (click the “Copy to clipboard” link).

  1. Connect to your IdP. You need to open the account with the IdP and build or add a StatusHub app. Follow their instructions and use the SSO URL that you copied in the previous step.
  2. Back in the Account settings form in StatusHub, paste the XML output you obtained from the IdP into the SAML 2.0 IdP metadata in XML format field.
  3. Click the Save changes button. Now, only team members with an account linked to your IdP can access the StatusHub control panel.


StatusHub integrates with SAML 2.0 only.

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