Add team members

This form is opened by clicking the Add team members button on the Team members form.

Free slots (#/#): Each status hub has a quota of active team members to which you can assign different permission levels. When all slots have been allocated, you cannot assign more permissions. The quota depends on the account plan you choose.  

Select the appropriate level of permissions for each status hub:

  • Admin: Full control to the status hub. Edit services, group, subscribers, and other team members permissions.
  • Manager: Edit groups and services.
  • Editor: Post events. Cannot edit services or team members permissions.
  • No Access: Cannot see the hub.
The form can be extended to input multiple records. Click the + Add a team member button to add additional rows.


To save you clicking + Add a team member for every new entry as above, enter a value in the box and then click the + icon. Enter up to 99 members at a time.

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