Add Service

This form opens by clicking the Add service button on the Group page (see Hub Config: Services and Integrations).

General tab

Name: Enter the name of the service as you want it to appear throughout the status hub, including the status page. 
Public name: Enter a user-friendly version of the service name. The public name is displayed instead of the Name (from field above). This is typically used with connected hubs.
Custom ID: Enter an external ID reference from a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or another asset manager system if applicable.
Description: Enter additional details describing the service. The information appears on the Service History of the status page (hover over the info icon by the service name). 

Group: Select the group you want to assign the service to.

Integrations tab

This tab is visible once you add a service record. Select as many integrations as you need from the available list. 

When you select Statusgator or NewRelic, gear icons become enabled for additional settings:

  • Statusgator: You can choose to create events as drafts.
  • NewRelic: You can enter an application or server name that should trigger a change of the service’s status.

Once the selected integration is saved, you can copy the generated webhook URL. To see it, click the expander next to the integration icon.

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