Hub Operations: Platform Alert

You can set up a platform-wide alert when a major issue appears or multiple services have a serious problem. The alert sends a notification to all subscribers (including those who have chosen to limit the notifications they receive) and a bright red banner is displayed at the top of the status page. A platform alert is a fast way of informing subscribers without having to create separate incidents for each affected service. However, it’s recommended that you limit the use of this feature to rare and extreme events.

Platform alert: Turn on the toggle to trigger notifications and make the banner appear on the status page. However, you can choose to not send notifications to subscribers while the banner remains visible (Do not send notifications to subscribers checkbox).

Alert title; Message: Enter the title and message of the platform-wide alert. You can save them ahead of time if you want; the banner appears on the status page only when the Platform alert toggle is turned on.

Do not send notification to subscribers: This checkbox is clear by default.

Note: When a status hub has the platform alert on, a megaphone icon is displayed by the Platform Alert option of the left navigation menu.

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