Zendesk App

We have developed a Zendesk App allowing you to display recent and planned events for a hub while working on a ticket.  The App, once installed, will be located inside the Apps panel of Zendesk.


Integration with ZenDesk is accessible in External Applications under Hub Config.

By default Zendesk app is disabled. Enable the Zendesk application and copy the token value.

Go to your Zendesk admin section, navigate to Marketplace and find the StatusHub application, https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/statushub/?source=app_directory


During installation, Zendesk will ask for a token, paste in the value you copied from StatusHub


After installation app will be visible inside Apps panel while in ticket view


If you need to change settings you can do this in Zendesk → Admin → Apps → Manage → StatusHub → Change settings → App Configuration



Parameters Description

"Days range -" - Allows limiting of past events. If for example events older than 4 days shouldn't be visible in app, then value "4" should be used,

"Days range +" - Allows limiting of future events. This is primarily used for maintenance's which can be set in future. If future events should not be visible in app, value "0" should be used,

"Events limit" - How many events (at most) should be visible,

"Token" - token value used for authorization and authentication with StatusHub.

As always please feel free to contact support with any further questions regarding using Zendesk within StatusHub.

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